Cibolo Nature Center

One Saturday we hopped in the car and headed north to Boerne. Our car window was broken and wouldn't go back up and just our luck, it started to rain. More like it started to pour.

But Alaskans are NOT scared of rain!

So we kept going and got to the Cibolo Nature Center for craft day. They had moved most of the activities under gazebos to protect them from the down pour

Even though it was raining it was still nice and warm. Here's Ethan just when we arrived.

Ethan got to make his own bracelet!

He did really well putting on the pony beads!

Samuel made one too!

Lots of sidewalk chalk

Ethan did his first painting!

All by himself.
Check out his look of concentration.

I painted his name and wa-la!
What masterpieces!

Samuel has a very steady hand.

Lovin the sidewalk chalk...again.

Trying to share

The rain kept coming so they put away all of the crafts.
But that didn't stop us!
So we hit the trail!

We were the only ones out there because of the rain and we loved it.
Living in such a big city, it's been a long time since
we've felt that kind of peace.

Ethan took off and was King of the Trail, and Samuel found a great walking stick.

Ethan likes to hold hands now.

Pictures on the bridge. Poor Samuel is getting his hair pulled.

Ethan had a messy diaper and we had to change his outfit when we got back to the car.

We felt a breeze and busted out the kites.

We found a deserted field and got some pretty good runs,
besides the kite getting caught in a tree.

So Daniel shimmied up there to get it.

He got a little beat up in the process.

Samuel was a pro!

Heading back to the car...

Ethan konked out on the ride home with my jacket to keep him protected from the rain.
What an adventure!

A few months ago...

Ethan is getting bigger. He knows what is "HoT" now. He likes to turn on the oven light and peek in when I'm baking.

He grabbed the empty pop can out of the garbage. He looks so cute palming it with one hand like that.

Samuel got honored at an academic awards ceremony and got a medal and everything. He's in line along the wall waiting to be recognized.

And here I am, in the back behind the rows of seats, with Ethan literally running circles around me.

Helping Momma with laundry.

Then crashing in my arms. Love it.