Random catching up...

This is the third or fourth post tonight, so make sure to scroll down and go to older posts to check them out.

These are just a few pictures of us watching a movie and being in the car together, just the fam.

Me and the boys were hanging out on the little couch, watching a show or something.

Ethan at one point got down and tackled D

That little head of his is pretty hard, and when he rams into you it can hurt. Poor Hubby.

Samuel chowing down on rice crispy treats I made for FHE one night.

I was waiting in the car with Ethan one day, picking up D from work I think and I pulled out a few snacks. This is what he does when he wants more...

He makes the sign for more.!!! We learned it from Brooke and Amy at playgroup. We love baby signs!!

And this is us at our fun play group around Valentine's day...ya, sunny and beautiful. Gotta love the south, atleast during the winter right?

For Lexi

So we have pretty fun play dates with our church group and get together every week. I'm not the most consistent, but whenever I go I know Lexi and Ryah are going to be there. One week a trip to the Children's Museum was scheduled and I was excited for Ethan to go. Samuel was on spring break so he could come too! Lexi called and said they couldn't go so I offered to take her little Ryah and we all had a blast. I'm putting the pictures up for fun, but also so Lexi can download them.

Ryah has such a great personlity!! She's independent and soo smart. She has such a huge vocabulary!

She taught Ethan so much! He really looks up to her.

They played here for a while in the infant area, with big soft blocks.

Ryah's daddy has fish at home, so she knew what the fish tanks were all about.

Ethan didn't quite get it.

Samuel had to show him the fishies.

Ryah loved the bubble room. Samuel was a big help, cuz when Ryah wanted to do something she did it, so Samuel and I would switch off between her and Ethan.

They found a slide and Ryah lead the way.

And Ethan followed right after.

She came down all by herself.

Ethan didn't do so well, kinda leaned back and bumped his head.

But Ryah couldn't get enough. I LOVE the painting on the floor. It makes you feel like you're there. I want a house someday that I can do this with. We'll have different rooms, the forest, the desert, the beach, the aquarium, the night sky...love it!

There was a dentist office, and here the teeth are broken, but Ryah still grabbed the brush and scrubbed

Ethan and I played receptionist.

Ethan loves sand!!!

Ryah as a cashier at the grocery store, a very old grocery store.

And of course milking the cow!!

She was so cute walking around in the cow costume!

They had a life-size jet, atleast part of it, like a simulator and Ethan got to sit in the captains seat for
a bit.

Samuel helped him out.

Then the other little kids wanted a turn and he had to give it up.

Then there's the control tower!

We met up with Amy and her little girl brooke and went into the story telling room, they had fun costumes.

Samuel got into it! He thought it best not to bring his arms down.

And raggety Anne!! Or is it Pippy Longstocking? I think he's going to go into drama, he's such a character!

There was a wooden pipe organ. you could push the valve and it would make fun sounds.

Ryah had a blast.

Ethan saw Ryah doing it and had to try

He loved it too.

We went back to the plane and Ryah got a chance to be pilot. The hat didn't stay on for very long

Thumbs up Mom!!

Ethan was all over the place...

He eventually found a TV

Downstairs there was a mock house with water info. Ethan is still scared of going through things, but Ryah showed him how it was done.

While he held on to her sippy cup

She was getting hungry and went to go look in the fridge

This is us dropping Ryah off at home and Ethan is conked out, they had so much fun playing together!

Morning baby!

Ethan wakes up around 6:30 every morning, usually after D and Sam have biked to work and school for the day. But each day he'll ask to be put down after I pick him up from his crib, then he'll check each room for Daddy and Samuel, to see if they will play with him.

He looks first in our room to make a quick check for Daddy. Then the bathroom, but nope, no daddy there.

Then he politely knocks on Samuel's room to see if he is there. Samuel is smart, leaving his door closed. :)

Then Ethan has to check our room even better, to make sure Daddy isn't still sleeping, if he is we'll jump him, and that's fun.

He checks the blankets, pulls them off to make sure daddy isn't hiding, looks around again...

When Daddy isn't found he gives up and smiles. It's just him and mommy. Gonna be a fun day.