Fun Times

Here are some random pictures of  recent shenanigans

Samuel and the rest of the youth in the stake went on a pioneer trek
over springs break this spring 

They couldn't bring any electronics
and they had to dress in period clothes
This was a cute moment. 
Samuel gets annoyed by Ethan sometimes, like any teenager would
but this was a tender moment when he was teaching him how to play the ukulele

Sophie likes to help me bake 

We were in a different part of town and found a new park


She loves to climb

She went pretty high 

And learned how to come down all on her own

We went and got Samuel's driver's permit up in Boerne

I had him jump right in and drive home, on the freeway.
He did great 

Samuel likes to bake!

The kids told me they were bored one afternoon 

So we played a cleaning game. :)

Zoo and Witte Museum

 I know I post a lot of Zoo pictures
but we do go a lot and the kids love it. :)

Hippo statues

Elephant statue 

"Lucky" the elephant 

brushing the pigs

Eating lunch 

Stepping stones
At the playhouse

Going on the train 

Taking the train to the Witte Museum

She's checking out the T-Rex 

We've been waiting years for the Dino exhibit to come back to the Witte
Whenever it's here we get memberships cuz Ethan loves to go so much. 

Rodeo 2013

Every February the Rodeo comes to San Antonio
and there are significantly more trucks and horse trailers around town.

This year we went with a bunch of friends and it was better than ever.

All set to go!

Big tractor!

Sheep and goats!

Chicken Coop!

Sophie and Felicia

Going to milk a cow!

Ice cream!

Petting zoo!

Baby goats!

Sophie didn't want to touch them at first, but by the end she loved them

Felicia and Ethan eating lunch

Carousel ride!

Kitty Cat!

The dragon was his favorite!

So fun!


We went on dollar friday and went on a few rides

Sophie looks grumpy but she was actually having a lot of fun

Going around and around!

Tuckered out on the way home



A couple times a year we go camping. 
We like to go down to the Corpus area and camp right on the beach

It's a special time because the kids don't need anything but the sun and water
No electronics or toys, just splashing and running and digging

The first thing they did was run to the waves

Samuel mapped out the campsite

The beach wasn't too crowded that day

Clothes don't matter when you are playing with waves

Who doesn't love the ocean?

Samuel and I set up our mansion-tent, it's a 9-sleeper, we love it

Daniel had the camera

Almost there

we set up while the kids played, I think they are all wet by this point

Campfire fun

Samuel was cooking the tinfoil dinners

Using his fingers, brave guy

Our set-up, with play tent for the kids

Boys in the sunset

Eating tinfoil dinners in the tent

Where the sand couldn't get us

Smores at night

Sticky face
it took me a while to get the marshmallow out of her hair.

We spent the night at the beach and it went well, but when we woke up in the morning
the winds had picked up and no matter what we did, the sand was literally pouring into the tent.
So we left the beach and stayed at choke canyon and it was nice to eat without sand in every bite.