The Alamo!

Sarah and Michael Ereti had a small family reunion this last weekend and Sarah's mom, two sisters and three brothers came to San Antonio. Michael got offered a private tour of the Alamo through a friend at work and since one of Sarah's brother scouldn't make it, she asked if we wanted to go. We were so excited, we got all ready, slathered Ethan in sun block, and headed downtown for the afternoon on Friday.
We met up with the Ereti's and began the tour by being sworn in as Texas Rangers! It's official, we all got pins!!

Here is Ethan with his official Texas Ranger pin!

Our tour guide's name was John and he was great! We could tell he had a great reverence for the significance of the Alamo in our nation's history and he did such a great job with the tour. And as you can see, Ethan really liked him. :)


Ethan has found his toes! Whenever he's on his back now he reaches for them and holds on tight. We think he's going to be right handed because he usually holds on to his right foot with his right hand and usually sucks his right hand. I guess we'll see!


The Rice Cereal Has Begun!

We have begun to give Ethan rice cereal once a day after his morning nap and he LOVES it!! His hands don't get in the way and he opens his mouth ready for the next bite. And he's pretty good about getting it to the back of his mouth for swallowing. Only a little bit comes back out.

We are so proud of our little eater boy.

Ethan loves the camera and does a great job of looking right at it. Here's him eating away!

New car seat!!

We went to Ethan's 4 month appointment around the beginning of May and he weighed 18lbs. and 26 inches long. His newborn carseat has a 22lb, 29 inch limit so we started to look around for a new car seat to grow with him. Dr. Davis told us that she likes babies to be in rear-facing car seats till they are one year old. I found a great deal on craigslist for a Britax toddler seat that has a 35 lb rear-facing limit and then can be switched to front-facing till 100lbs. They usually sell for well over $200 but I got it for $50! It needed some major cleaning but now it looks great and Ethan really likes it. There's more breathing room and he has lots of room to grow in it.

Now we have TEETH!!

So Ethan basically eats, doodies and knaws on something like his fingers or our fingers or his toys. When awake, this is what he is doing most of the time. It is painful yet full of new surprises and learning new things as he tries to put evertying in his mouth. Well, it all paid off!!!...

We have a tooth!!!!!!!!!!

The sunday after Grandma Marcia and Papa Ed left I was rubbing Ethan's gums and there it was!! At just under 5 months old. Soon he'll be ready for some steak and potatoes. :)


I keep forgetting to post the pictures I have taken...so here are lots to make up for it.

Ethan likes to help Daddy study for his seminary lessons. Mostly he likes to eat the pages, but Daddy doesn't mind. Daniel finished teaching seminary on June 4th. He has replaced the time he spent on seminary lessons with studying for the MCAT. He still gets up early and studies before work. He's so diligent.

Ethan and Daddy like to play. Ethan's legs are long enough to touch the floor when he sits on Daniel's neck, so he bounces and bounces and loves it.

This is a late-night cuddle moment with Mommy. He's more of a cuddler now and is comforted when his back is rubbed. Poor baby has been teething alot.