New car seat!!

We went to Ethan's 4 month appointment around the beginning of May and he weighed 18lbs. and 26 inches long. His newborn carseat has a 22lb, 29 inch limit so we started to look around for a new car seat to grow with him. Dr. Davis told us that she likes babies to be in rear-facing car seats till they are one year old. I found a great deal on craigslist for a Britax toddler seat that has a 35 lb rear-facing limit and then can be switched to front-facing till 100lbs. They usually sell for well over $200 but I got it for $50! It needed some major cleaning but now it looks great and Ethan really likes it. There's more breathing room and he has lots of room to grow in it.

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Clayton and Camea said...

We have that carseat for Evelyn! She loves it, and it's so great that it sits up higher than most so when they're front facing they can see out the windows better. What a great deal!