Pajama Time

Ethan was playing with his pajamas on the floor the other day and just kept going and going. He loved it. I got it on tape for a little bit.

Our First Tomato!

We are growing a tomato plant and a pepper plant in a tub that we brought over from our old apartment. We got our first tomato. Daniel was so excited!

Football Camp!

Samuel had football camp before school started. The first day was hard, but he got used to it and now he eats it up. Here are his cleats after a day at camp.

BYU-I Baby

The Alumni Association Director, who happens to be my old bishop at school, sent out baby bibs to graduates who have had children. It's a cute gift. I took a picture of Ethan wearing it.

Thanks Bishop D!


Ethan's Hair

I had some fun twisting Ethan's hair one night. It's getting so long, but I've been trying to hold off on cutting it till his first birthday. We have a tradition in our family that the kids don't get their hair cut till then, but it's looking a little too scraggly for my taste, so we'll probably cut it in the next few weeks.

He loves the camera!

This was right after his bath. Thanks for the pj's Gramma Marcia!

Like Father, Like Son

Daniel's favorite food is pasta, mainly spaghetti and Ethan is following right in his footsteps. Here he is eating spaghetti on his own for the first time.

He's trying it out.

Thinking about it a little bit...

And he loves it! You can see the glee in his eyes.

Band Camp

Samuel had band camp when he got here in July, every morning till Noon for a week. Here are some pictures from the concert they had at the end. They played half a dozen songs and sounded great. I was really impressed with the music program at Samuel's school.

Here is Samuel right in front of Mr. Webber, his music teacher. He's playing the clarinet.

Here they are in between pieces.

During a piece.

And at the end for the applause.

He just got promoted to Symphonic band from concert band and likes it much better.

What a Cook!

Samuel is loving Texas so far and has fun cooking. One night for FHE it was his turn to make the treat and he asked if he could make a pie. I didn't mind! So he made everything from scratch, even the meringue, it was delicious!

Here is the crust he made.

We don't have a pie pan, so he used Pyrex.

And here is the finished product. The chocolate filing was super thick and creamy. So good.

For the Grandparents

Here are some pictures of Ethan and Samuel taken in July. Ethan is six months old and learning how to crawl.

What a stud.

Samuel is finishing up Eldest in this picture. He loves the series and is excited for the final books to out this month.

These are blurry, but you get the point. He's cute and he knows it. :)

He loves to eat hair. Especially mine.

Here he is trying to get the camera.

And oops, he got it.

He loves shoes and shoe laces, any kind of string actually. If there were a toy made entirely of strings that he could pull and chew on, he'd love it.

Belly Flop!

Getting up.

Learning to crawl.

He could get up on all fours but he couldn't go anywhere.


Almost Crawling

This video was taken at the end of July when Ethan was still 6 months old. You can see how hard he is trying to crawl but he just doesn't have it down yet. His little mind was still wrapping itself around the idea that he could move on his own. He wobbles but learns quickly. We have gone from anxiously awaiting his first crawl to now his first steps.