Alaska Part 2: July 2013

The month of July was amazing at Frankie and Shelly's house!
We just spent the month playing!

On July 1st we went to the touch tank

They loved the big crab!

 They wanted a picture with the big crab :)

Before going to Alaska, Sophie was super afraid of dogs
But after getting to be around Little Girl,
she wasn't afraid anymore!

We also got to see my cousin Amy! 
She let me use their car while I was in town!

On July 2nd we went to the National Wildlife Center
to learn about animals on the island

Then we got some sushi at Power House

Then we went and played with the puppets at the Aleutiq Museum

We ended the day wrestling with Uncle Frankie!

Sophie got in there too!

On the 3rd we went to one of my favorite places 
in the whole world

Abercrombie State Park

We had a GREAT hike!

We stopped to take some pictures

We got some more sticks for Ethan

The Fireweed was beautiful while we were there

We got the beach and stopped to relax for a bit

The beach wood was awesome

On our way back we got some more sticks

Had a snack

It was a gorgeous day!

We had a great view!

When we got home, Uncle Frankie had some fireworks for us!

Then we went to the beach to light some more off

Sophie liked it at first

But then it got too loud
and she sat up on the rocks with me :)

Ethan and Aiden would grab some, 
then take them to the water to light them

Then they would run back before it went off


Ethan had a blast!

Even though it was raining the next day,
we still went out to Buskin River to play in the sand.

We scooped sand and threw rocks,
and we had the beach to ourselves!

On July 6th, we went with Frankie to deliver
Salmon fish eggs to Native Elders around town.

We had treats and waited for Uncle

The weather was gorgeous for Kodiak!

Sophie frolicking :)

Frankie and I took the kids to the park

July 7th was baking day!
I made some Banana bread with crumble topping

Then Frankie taught me how to make the best Purock

He adds hard boiled egg

Great crust Frankie!

Even an egg wash on top!

It was soo yummy!

To save it for later :)

After all that work in the kitchen
we sat and relaxed for a while

Sophie fell asleep

Selfie time!

And the funny faces began!


We just couldn't stop

Love these kids!
Sophie slept through the whole thing :)

On July 8th, Ethan's front tooth started
to get really loose

On the 9th, we drove out to White Sand's Beach

We ran on the beach

We played in the river

You can't beat the view!

Miss you honey!

Cousin time!

The drive home was gorgeous!

On the 10th, Dewey took us to Gibson Cove!

I didn't realize he wanted to go swimming!

The little kids were to scared to try it at first

But then they all fell in line like duckies

And when we got back to the car,
guess who's tooth fell out!

Dewey showed us his Spider Man tricks

The next day, on the 11th,
Dewey taught Ethan the basics of football

The kids had fun trying on
ALL of Dewey's jerseys

Ethan was loving it!

We ate Purock for days!

On the 12th we went back to Abercrombie,
to check out the bunkers

They got to try on fun uniforms

She was swimming in it but loved it!

They had all sorts of stuff!

They got to use the typewriters