Easter 2013: Bastrop State Park

I don't think I ever put these up,
but I found them and thought I'd add them.

A dozen or so families wanted to go camping,
So we picked Easter weekend 
to take advantage of the holiday on Good Friday.

We basically commandeered a portion of the campgrounds,
and we shared a big meal and our kids played,
and there were lots of eyes to keep track of them.

Samuel loved the tight rope

He got pretty good at it!

Samuel's youth leaders and Seminary teacher was there
with their families so he felt comfortable

I planned a few crafts and had fun putting them together

Ethan trying his Marshmallow Canon!

Oh my goodness this darling little girl! 
She's beautiful.

She loves balloons!

We painted eggs the first night and hoped they would dry

We tried to get a group picture! :)

I love her hair! She LOVES looking for eggs!

We borrowed a kayak!

It had been a while since I was in a Kayak, 
but it's like riding a bike! 
Sophie was nervous at first but she loved it.

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