Papa & Grandma for a whole WEEK!

Papa Ed and Grandma Marcia came into town for a whole week!
We were so excited to have them!

Papa goes to a lot of conferences and always picks up little toys for the kids

This toucan didn't last long with Sophie's new teeth,
But she really liked it while she had it!

Papa read to Ethan almost every night

They have a great time together

Sophie is 7 months old now

We love her so much

One night we found a baby possum in our back yard
I had never seen a real one before and
Daniel asked me "What kind of backyard animals we have in Alaska?"
"Moose, or Bear" I said. :)

Grandma planned a picnic at a park so we could hang out with one of her old friends

Ethan had a great time

He showed off all his skills for Grandma

He decided to sit in the middle after trying
to push it with the big kids and fell down
Learning hopskotch

Loves the swings

Sophie loves them too!

It was hot that day
Drank lots of water

Papa started cooking dinner

Samuel playing soccor

Grandma and her friend

Ethan helping with the grill

"Mom, I'm hungry. Can I please eat something?"

My kids. :)

After dinner it started to cool off a bit and
Sophie fell asleep in the swing


Tickle Man vs. Ethan

Ethan fights back

But Tickle Man is trickey

I think Ethan gets caught on purpose sometimes. :)

Tickle Man turns into Gentle Papa with Sophie

She sees Samuel

She loves the attention

Papa loves giving it to her


Sophie is excited to ride the jeep! 

Ethan and Papa coming around the bend

Johnson boys at the water table

Ethan looking for fish

Playing with the water gun

It was cooler by the water

We tried to catch some fish
but it took too long for a toddler's attention span. :)

The slides and play areas were fun!

Everyone climbed around

They go to play with a green screen
Daniel had on a green shirt and almost disappeared completely

They had some play horses to ride!

Everyone took turns

Go Ethan Go!

Grandma and Sophie playing with images projected on the floor

This is Ethan's pouty face
He wanted to go on the carousel one more time

I'm a sucker for the pouty face
So they went

He rode all by himself!


Grandma got Ethan a new suit!

He ran around most of the time, good thing it was outside!

Samuel so handsome in his suit

What a cute couple!!

Ethan had an accident and had to change clothes
Here he is all worn out from a long day

Here we are heading out just minutes before Ethan has a huge meltdown
He cried all the way to the car and zonked out on our way back to San Antonio

Thank you so much for coming Papa and Grandma!
We love you!