Family Fun

On Saturdays we try to clean the house as a family then go to do something fun.

Here is Daniel doing dishes while taking care of baby. He's so inventive in ways to entertain him. It's a gift! He has an electric car wrapped around his neck so that Ethan could play with it. And you can't miss his chew-ring tiara. Ethan loved it!

One thing that I loved when I was little was how comfy my parent's bed was, big and fluffy and clean. Now my kids love my bed. They follow me in there and lie down, then the other one, and even Daniel. I don't blame them, I love my bed to.

After our chores were done we went on a walk down to a favorite spot. Daniel rode his bike. Here he is at the end of our driveway.

Samuel took a picture of us on the walk.

And here is out spot...a favorite Chinese place down the rode! It's out of the way, but sooo good!

Here I am, mid-chew.

Ethan loves his fortune cookie!

Sunday Dinner!

We get the weirdest cravings on Sunday nights after church. Homework is done, we want to keep the sabbath day holy and we want to make the most of the time we have before the work week - so we cook!

One Sunday we got the urge for PIZZA!! Daniel had just ground some more wheat so we did some half wheat, half white crust. It was sooo good!

Samuel and I got crackin' on our crusts after the dough was done rising. I love Texas most of the year for raising bread, it's hot, it's humid and you just cover it with plastic wrap and stick it outside.

I was the first to get my crust ready so I started doing the sauce and fixins.


Samuel's crust took the longest because it was a stuffed crust pizza. Here he is tucking in the cheese. He's so creative!

Daniel went for a round one. He ended up putting salsa in with the pizza sauce and it was really tasty. Good work hun!

Here's my pizza, one side with hamberger and one with polish sausage. Good stuff!

Here is Samuel's stuffed crust hamburger and onion pizza. We had pizza to last us a week!

Mmmmm. Looks good!

More of Ethan

He's just starting to walk with his walker. He mostly cruises on the furniture, but this is one of the first time he tried walking on his own. He's still pretty stiff, but he loves his walker.


Mission accomplished!

Mmmmmm. The chair tastes good Mom.

I don't have a gate yet so I had to use a large box to keep him out of the kitchen while I mopped. He didn't like it very much. He's used to having free reign.

Just hangin' out.

I think I'll frame this one and put it up.

Bye Bye!

More Football!

I can't remember what team he was playing but he was doing great. Here he is in their cool purple jerseys with his stripped socks. He's # 67!

Here are warm-ups before the game. The guy left of Samuel, #78, is pumping his legs really high, and then there's Samuel, basically just shifting weight from one foot to the next. :) Good thing they did warm-ups to get them moving! :)

Going to the line.

At the line.

Covering the tail back.

It looks like he's blocking two guys here.

Heading off the field.

And here he is afterward, all tuckered out. The coaches work them pretty hard, and he loves it.


One Sunday night I was craving Mall pretzels and found a great recipe on allrecipies.com. I love that website! If you don't know what to make for dinner you can put in some ingredients you have in the pantry and it will come up with stuff you can make. These turned out great.

Funny picture, but it shows the pretzel dogs we made. You just make a thin long snake of the pretzel dough and wrap it around the hot dog. Tasty stuff.

Birthday Cake

I made my own cake this year. Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting! Samuel got me the game Life which we played. It was fun, but as we played it more we realized how ridiculous it is. They require you to go into debt for school, you can trade salaries with people and you don't see the blessings of things like children and marriage. It could be alot worse but we are going to make our own board I think. Our own version of life!


Family Pictures

I still have alot of blogging to catch up on, but I thought I'd put up the contact info for a great photographer in the area who is working half price through the end of the year because she just moved here from Louisianna. And she doesn't copyright, so you get all your photos to do whatever you want with!! yay!! You can check out her website at http://www.donnagustin.blogspot.com/and here is a sample of what she did for us.

She came to our home, that's our garden in the background. She was efficient, didn't waste time and had a lot of great ideas for posing.

She's all about making you look good.

I'd recommend her to anyone here in San Antonio or the surrounding areas.

Christmas cards here we come!


Lydia tagged me

* Write six random things/unspectacular quirks about yourself

Lydia did this tag the other day on her blog. The sad thing about Lydia is that I haven't seen her in years. We were inseparable growing up, like sisters. I was over at her house every weekend for sleep overs. Her mom taught me a lot about make-up, cooking, laundry, manners, etc. At one point I even had a crush on her brother.

In all sense of the word, she was my person.

Then she moved out of state during high school, I went to college and she got married, then she had kids and I graduated from college. Our lives went in different directions. I finally got married and now have kids. We haven't seen each other in so long that I thought we must have grown apart and out of touch...till I read her answers to this tag:

1. I obsess over naming; I have kept my husband up many nights checking off names. I literally have 6 children already named even though I only have two and am not expecting.
  • I do this exact same thing! Jonah Michael for the next boy and Matrona Jean for the next girl.
2. I have to check the mail everyday, even if I'm not expecting anything.
  • Daniel will tell you that mail is a huge thing for me. He used to write me letters and put them in our box on the way to work in the morning so that when I'd check it in the afternoon I'd have mail.
3. I ask Greg to do stuff for me even when it would be easier for me to do them myself. (I’m so spoiled.)
  • Daniel is basically my go-go-gadget arms. I'll usually ask him to get me stuff and do things for me when I know I could do it myself. And he does them. I'm spoiled too.
4. Any time Greg is napping, I can't help but to go in and bug him.
  • I do the same thing to Daniel. If I wake up in the middle of the night or can't go to sleep after he's already snoozing I have to really control myself not to wake him. Most of the time I can't control myself. Luckily Daniel goes in and out of sleep very easily. :)
5. I can eat a whole can of frosting straight from the can, but I don't put the whole can on the cake (that's just too much frosting).
  • That is so me. I hate too much frosting on cakes, I end up giving it to Daniel, but when I know we have a can of frosting in the freezer, it doesn't last long.
6. When Christmas or my birthday comes along I always snoop around to try and find out what I'm getting for gifts. Every year Greg has to come up with sneakier and better ways to hide my presents, and every year I find it out. :)
  • Surprises don't last long for me either. Daniel has to hide all my presents and can't even tell me that they exist till the actual holiday cuz I'll run around the house with a huge grin on my face and I won't stop till I find it. He found that out the hard way.

Lydia, I love it that we haven't changed that much after all.

To me fair friend you never can be old,
for as you were when first your eye I eyed,
such seems your beauty still.

Your friend forever.


Birthday Sushi

I turned 26 in September and we made sushi as a family as my birthday dinner and I got gifts. It was a lot of fun.

Here is Samuel rolling his sushi

We had California rolls and tuna sashimi

Daniel loves the avacados

Rain or Shine

This is one of Samuel's away games. We were there for only 15 min. when is started to pour. It literally felt like monsoon amounts of rain. Most people fled, Daniel took Ethan to the car, and I looked around to see who was left and there were only a dozen people staying put as the game continued. I was drenched to the bone, wondering if it was all worth it when I looked across the field and saw Samuel jumping up and down a little to stay warm. He saw me standing in the rain and waved. I smiled and waved, and in that moment it was all worth it. The rain eventually cleared and he had a few good tackles.

He's number 67. We bought those baseball socks to protect his legs and wrote his number on the back. It was easy to see him on the field, I just looked for the socks.

After the rain stopped I went to get Daniel and baby from the car and we ended up watching from outside of the fence because of a few hyper middle school girls who's vocal cords never wavered. There was a brief moment there when I told Daniel that I didn't want to have any girls,if that's what they were going to be like. :)

I love this look between Father and son. You can also see the clouds clearing

Samuel is trying to think of nick-names he might get. Like "The Wall" or "The Bulldozer". He's a good blocker but he's waiting for someone else to give him a nickname so that he can write it on his helmet.

Look for the striped socks. There he is standing over that kid on the ground in black.

Getting instructions from Coach.

He's blockin the kid out

Going up to the line

Getting ready

At the line

Going to blocking

Going in to help tackle.

You can see Samuel running hard after the kid with the ball at the far left. Can you tell I don't know all the positions yet. :) I'm getting there.