Rain or Shine

This is one of Samuel's away games. We were there for only 15 min. when is started to pour. It literally felt like monsoon amounts of rain. Most people fled, Daniel took Ethan to the car, and I looked around to see who was left and there were only a dozen people staying put as the game continued. I was drenched to the bone, wondering if it was all worth it when I looked across the field and saw Samuel jumping up and down a little to stay warm. He saw me standing in the rain and waved. I smiled and waved, and in that moment it was all worth it. The rain eventually cleared and he had a few good tackles.

He's number 67. We bought those baseball socks to protect his legs and wrote his number on the back. It was easy to see him on the field, I just looked for the socks.

After the rain stopped I went to get Daniel and baby from the car and we ended up watching from outside of the fence because of a few hyper middle school girls who's vocal cords never wavered. There was a brief moment there when I told Daniel that I didn't want to have any girls,if that's what they were going to be like. :)

I love this look between Father and son. You can also see the clouds clearing

Samuel is trying to think of nick-names he might get. Like "The Wall" or "The Bulldozer". He's a good blocker but he's waiting for someone else to give him a nickname so that he can write it on his helmet.

Look for the striped socks. There he is standing over that kid on the ground in black.

Getting instructions from Coach.

He's blockin the kid out

Going up to the line

Getting ready

At the line

Going to blocking

Going in to help tackle.

You can see Samuel running hard after the kid with the ball at the far left. Can you tell I don't know all the positions yet. :) I'm getting there.


emily said...

so fun to see your beautiful family!!!!

The Lathrop's said...

For Shaun one football season, we put white tape down the middle of his black helmet so we could easily spot him - it looked like a mowhawk.

Its hard when everyone looks the same - good idea on the socks - Shaun's coaches wouldn't let them have different socks, they all had to be the same.

marciamuse said...

Great sock idea! Have fun, Samuel!