Family Fun

On Saturdays we try to clean the house as a family then go to do something fun.

Here is Daniel doing dishes while taking care of baby. He's so inventive in ways to entertain him. It's a gift! He has an electric car wrapped around his neck so that Ethan could play with it. And you can't miss his chew-ring tiara. Ethan loved it!

One thing that I loved when I was little was how comfy my parent's bed was, big and fluffy and clean. Now my kids love my bed. They follow me in there and lie down, then the other one, and even Daniel. I don't blame them, I love my bed to.

After our chores were done we went on a walk down to a favorite spot. Daniel rode his bike. Here he is at the end of our driveway.

Samuel took a picture of us on the walk.

And here is out spot...a favorite Chinese place down the rode! It's out of the way, but sooo good!

Here I am, mid-chew.

Ethan loves his fortune cookie!

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Anonymous said...

FINALLY SOMES NEW PICS AND UPDATES. for awhile there i thought you gave up. haha, just kidding. everyone looks great and happy. ethan is getting cuter and cuter. and LUCKY - you get to wear shorts pretty much all year long. we're freezing up here. we had our first snow the day after thanksgiving, but it melted right away. but it's still SO COLD! love you guys. beautiful family!!