Sorry Meredith!

Meredith tagged me back in July, before she had her baby and I've been slacking, but I want to catch up so here you go.

You have to list 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions, 3 random surprising facts about yourself and then tag 5 people that have to complete this too.

3 Joys
  1. I love seeing my husband and my boys smiles, I love smiles!
  2. It brings me joy when I connect with Samuel, I love that he trusts me enough to listen.
  3. Ethan's joy is my joy, I love it when he is happy.
3 Goals
  1. I want sell a few things on craigslist over the next few weeks to have extra money for our Thanksgiving vacation to Arizona
  2. Finish sewing three stockings in time for Christmas
  3. Create a huge historical time line and add historical information to it as I read through my bookcase full of books.
3 Current Obsessions
  1. Since moving into the house I am an avid waterer. I have to water the lawn and garden regularly, by hand if I have to. It just makes everything pretty.
  2. Ethan's sleep schedule is like an obsession. Kids learn more in the first three years of their life than at any other time and it's important that he's well rested for it, so I'm home between 9 - 11 am and 12 - 2 pm every day so that he can sleep.
  3. Communicating with my husband. We talk stuff out all the time and we have to be on the same page or we can't do anything else.
3 Random surprising Facts
  1. I love texture, in my food, in my clothes, in artwork. Daniel and I go to get ice cream and I have to have at least two toppings to add texture
  2. I used to bite my nails when I was young and still do it during suspenseful movies
  3. I have pretty good hand-eye coordination and motor skills. In fact I want to take mechanic classes at the local college because I like working with my hands and because I hate being so ignorant when I take the car to our mechanic.

If you have never been tagged before, I tag you. You have to do this. :)


Meredith said...

YAY!! I'm so glad that you did the Tag! I learned some cool new stuff about you!!

Zack + Julie said...

Where in Arizona are you coming??? Anywhere close to Yuma? I'd love to see you!