The Tiller!

This fall I started some seedlings growing in cups. I had some corn, some snap peas, green beans, yellow squash and cucumber. You can plant all year round here in South Texas and we were really excited to get started.

This is our back yard, staked out in 4 ft wide rows. Margaret, our land-lady came over and brought her tiller for us to cut down the work.

The tiller was super old and burned some oil but it got the job done. We really love how Margaret gets the most out of everything she has. The house we are in is pretty old, but she's taken such good care of it that it doesn't feel like it. She has such great advice from all her experience living here. Daniel started on the plot by the fence that we are growing snap peas and beans in.

Here's Margaret helping Daniel.

Daniel went at it for hours! He was amazing. I tried it for a little bit and could barely handle the shaking much less the lurching and pulling. It took alot of strength to keep it steady and working efficiently. Good job babe!

Here I am trying to till, but I basically did it only long enough for Daniel to take a picture. I don't know how he did it for 4-5 hours. He was amazing. And wa-la, the ground is all tilled up. After tilling we raked the ground and took the rocks out, then added some more top soil and transplanted. I water every other morning and just let em grow!

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