Rear-View Mirror

I was driving the car one day this summer (seriously, it was months ago) and went to adjust the rear-view mirror and it just snapped. It had fallen off and was dangling by a wire. It looked so pathetic. So we unhooked the wire and Daniel tried again and again to attach the mirror back to the windshield with a few different types of glue, rubber-cement, even this stuff called welding glue. The mirror is heavy with some kind of electronic circuitry inside so Daniel needed to find a way to support the mirror against the glass while the glue set. His solution was to bring out some of my books from the bookshelf, some string and a lot of duct tape. Here is the final product:

Angle 1

A close up

And angle 2.

When he took off the support network but the glue couldn't hold the weight, especially in our texas heat. Not to mention that Daniel left the car doors open to air out the fumes and the car battery died. We made it to church just in time, with our rear-view mirror swinging back and forth on a string. At least he had fun trying to fix it. It's re-attached now with help from a $3 re-attachment kit from the auto parts store. :)

I am so in love with this man, look at his face!

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