Family Home Evening

We went swimming a few months ago for FHE and had a great time. FHE stands for Family Home Evening, which is a family night once a week, usually on mondays. Each week we reserve that time to have a spiritual lesson/thought, a treat and a family activity. Here are some pictures of our activity one monday night. They are mostly of Ethan and the fountain in the kiddie pool.

Daniel set him on the fountain table and he got really excited.

He absolutely loved the fountain. Usually he has to make the water move, but here, the water moved on it's own.

He's actually sitting on the fountain in this picture.

My favorite picture! He's about to hug the fountain.

Here's Samuel in the kiddie pool with us. I look at these pictures and I'm amazed at how toned Samuel has gotten since playing football. The coaches work them pretty hard and it shows. Daniel too has been riding his bike almost every day for the past few months and I can really see the difference when I look at these pictures. I'll post some more recent ones after I catch up.

While we were at the pool we saw some neighbor girls, Destiny and Summer, who I babysit for a few hours after school. They were there for FHE too. They are really great with Ethan.

Samuel's close-up.

My boys. :)

Ethan's pickled feet after a half hour in the pool.

And here we are going home, as the sun was setting. What a fun day!


The Lathrop's said...

I just love the pics at the pool - looks like FUN!!

marciamuse said...

Cute pictures! Your favorite picture is mine too.