Playing With Momma

I was tired the other day and plopped down on the floor. Ethan zoomed over and started poking at me and pulling at my hair. Daniel got a few pics.

He has a really strong grip.

He's got a good hold on my hair in this one.

He sees us on the computer and is already copying us. This is an old gutted computer Daniel got from work that we have on the living room floor. Ethan loves to play with it. He can see himself in the monitor

I think he's closer to crawling in this picture, but not quite there yet.

This is one of the first times he says Mom, indiscriminately of course, but he still said it.

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Landon and Kylie said...

He just keeps getting cuter!
PS: I watched the new Brian Regan DVD with Landon's cousins last week and I completely lost it when he did an encore of "Take Luck," not because he was so funny, but because I totally had flash-backs of your impersonations and man, it made me miss you!