First Day of School!

Samuel had his first day of school on August 25th, and I'm so glad I got some pictures. Here he is waiting for us to go, all ready, reading some Harry Potter. One thing I really appreciate about Samuel is his punctuality. He hates being late so even if it means getting up really early, he doesn't mind, as long as he's early. He was a little nervous about starting at a new school, but we had been up there to check out his locker and his classes so I think he felt prepared.

Poor guy was told when he got there that he wasn't allowed to wear shorts, so I took some jeans up to him a few hours later. Luckily the school is only a few blocks away. I've been really pleased with Samuel's school. Their rules are very reasonable and they are great to work with.

Here he is all excited! He had already done some football conditioning but started practice for an hour after school. He also has his clarinet in his backpack all ready for band. After a week or so of driving him up there he started riding his bike to get there early.

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marciamuse said...

You look great, Samuel!