First Football Game of the Season

Samuel's first game was the beginning of September and he's required to wear shirt and tie to school. It makes the football player stick out in a crowd, but Samuel really likes it. His games are on Wednesdays, but his coaches send around a pass for his teachers to sign the previous Friday to make sure he behaved himself in class. If he didn't he doesn't get to play, but Samuel has obeyed all the rules and has done an amazing job all season.

He told me when he got home that some of his friends gave him grief about the pink tie, but he didn't care - he's all about the pink.

He plays on the B-team, so here he is on the bench waiting for the A-team to finish.

Toward the end of the A-team game, the B-teams puts on their gears. Samuel is #55.

Ethan loves going to games. Some of the other parents and families know him and think he's so cute.

Go B-Team!!

And here he is after the game all sweaty and tired. I think he won the game, but I can't remember. I just know my voice was raw from screaming so hard and we were so proud of him.


Willis Family said...

Does he have more games coming up? If he does you'll have to let us know and we'll try to make one. Emma loves football games, although without Cosmo and the BYU cheerleaders I'm not sure she'll love them quite as much.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad he's playing sports. Thats gotta be so fun for him and for you guys. you love giong to games!!