Sunday Family Photos

We have church in the afternoon, so our mornings are pretty laid back. We were all ready earlier than usual so I thought I'd take some pictures.

Daniel is teaching Samuel how to tie a double Winsor. Samuel has been wearing ties alot more lately. Every Wednesday for game day he has to wear a shirt and tie to school and shows off his tie-tying skill. Most boys probably don't even own a tie, but Samuel has his own collection and is a pro at tying now!

We had Ethan in his first shirt and tie so I thought I'd take some picutres with the self-timer on the camera. They look pretty silly. It was fun taking them though. We've scheduled a photographer to get some pictures taken of the family for Christmas, hopefully they are better than these.

Ya, I didn't make it in time. But Ethan's smile is great! Maybe I can photoshop it into a different one.

Ethan must have seen something outside. You can tell that these are the "Wait for it...." smiles. Pretty funny.


Aimee said...

What a gorgeous family! Hope your Autumn is treating you well.

camea said...

You have such a cute family! They are goofy but that's what makes them so great!

Anonymous said...

Joce u are such a sweetheart! You always reminded me of a mamma, I bet u're a great one! miss ya !

Lydia said...

Tag your it :)

marciamuse said...

What handsome guys!