Happy Pioneer Day!

Ethan started the day off by talking on the phone, upside down. :) He loves to play with it.

He has six teeth now and has the same gap in the front two that my mom did. So cute!

We went up to the stake center for Pioneer Day and I have to confess it was my first time officially celebrating Pioneer Day. I was so impressed! They had tons of food, kettle corn, ponies to ride, potatoe sack races, water ballon sling shot, kiddie pools with ice water in them to simulate crossing frozen rivers, snow cones, and as you can see from the picture...face painting. Samuel went for the full coverage!

Ethan took a nap while we were there so I got a little dinosaur painted on his cheek. Getting my face painted was my favorite part of going to the fair, so I got some kissie lips on my cheek. I was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures! Ah well. :)

After a long day Daddy ended up putting himself down for a nap as well as Ethan! I kept waiting for him to come out of Ethan's room and when he didn't I went to check on him and this is what I found.

If you turn up your volume you can hear the low rumble of Daniel's snores. It's pretty hilarious. They slept for about a half hour like that.
I love you Honey!

Cookin it up!

I have definitely gotten more into cooking since I got married. If you asked my roommates in college I did big dinners sometimes, but it wasn't an every day thing. Now it's really fun for me. Especially since I found a great deal on a Bosch on craig's list. I LOVE craig's list! (If you don't know what I'm talking about just go to www.craig'slist.com and click on your town. If your town isn't big enough, click on San Antonio and a category like "household" or "furniture" and you'll see what I'm talking about.)

Here are some No-Bake Cookies I made for Daniel's home teaching families. For the past 5 months or so I've happened to make cookies the weekend he goes to home teach and so far they have tasted my no-bakes, my wookies (peanut butter with snickers in the middle), my chocolate-chocolate chip cookies, and of course the regular chocolate chip. We'll see what I can come up with next!

This is Daniel's birthday dinner. When G-ma Marcia and Papa Ed were here they gave us a pasta maker which I got some use out of when I made Daniel's favorite - lasagna. I made the noodles from scratch and it turned out sooo great! He loved it!

This is the handy-dandy hand mixer that G-ma Marcia got for us. It was great at mixing the cottage cheese mix for the lasagna.

And here's the cake. I didn't sculpt the cake or round the edges cuz I didn't want to waste cake and I knew Daniel wouldn't care as long as it tasted good, which it did. :) I made the frosting from scratch. Since then, I was given some cake decorating stuff so my next cake will be even better. Thank you to Aimee's cooking blog for some great recipies.

First Sink Bath!

This was Ethan's first bath in our new house on the night we moved in. It was also his first sink bath so I thought I'd get a few shots.

He loves the splash of the water! When he's in his tub he puts his face real close to the water and opens his mouth when he splashes.

He loves taking baths!

"Eater Boy"

It's funny the nicknames that you give to your children. For the longest time we were trying to pick one out for Ethan (I come from a family full of nicknames and it made us feel special and close to our Dad who gave them to us) but nothing that we came up with stuck.

Except for "Eater Boy"

From the very beginning Ethan has been a great eater, he was a champion at nursing from the very beginning and has not been allergic to any solids we have fed him so far and let's face it, he's a Johnson, and from what Gramma-Marcia tells me, Ethan gets his huge appetite from his Daddy. (Hopefully Ethan gets his metabolism to go along with it) So Daniel started calling Ethan "Eater Boy" and it has stuck.
We'll see how long it lasts before we find another reason to nick name him. :)

You can see how excited he is to be in his brightly colored "food" chair. He has gotten to the point that he recognizes that when he goes into the chair he's going to be fed. He's so excited!!

"Com'on Mom!! I'm hungry!"

One day I cooked some baby carrots and ran them through a little hand processor we got from G-ma Marcia - it worked great. Here are the carrots mixed with some rice cereal. He got so excited he grabbed the bowl and wanted to do it himself. The earlier he learns how to hold a spoon the better I guess.

At this point he was still grabbing objects with his whole hand. So here he is trying to get the spoon and food in his mouth.

Eureka! He finally got a good grip and started chewing. All of our baby spoons have little teeth marks in them. :)

As you can see he dropped the spoon and moved on to his bib for easier access to the carrots. He scooped them right up into his mouth.

We got a little bit of footage so you could see how in-to-it he is and how focused he gets.
We love our little Eater Boy. :)