Happy Pioneer Day!

Ethan started the day off by talking on the phone, upside down. :) He loves to play with it.

He has six teeth now and has the same gap in the front two that my mom did. So cute!

We went up to the stake center for Pioneer Day and I have to confess it was my first time officially celebrating Pioneer Day. I was so impressed! They had tons of food, kettle corn, ponies to ride, potatoe sack races, water ballon sling shot, kiddie pools with ice water in them to simulate crossing frozen rivers, snow cones, and as you can see from the picture...face painting. Samuel went for the full coverage!

Ethan took a nap while we were there so I got a little dinosaur painted on his cheek. Getting my face painted was my favorite part of going to the fair, so I got some kissie lips on my cheek. I was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures! Ah well. :)

After a long day Daddy ended up putting himself down for a nap as well as Ethan! I kept waiting for him to come out of Ethan's room and when he didn't I went to check on him and this is what I found.

If you turn up your volume you can hear the low rumble of Daniel's snores. It's pretty hilarious. They slept for about a half hour like that.
I love you Honey!


The Lathrop's said...

Love the pics - Ethan is learning fast about cell phones :o) Pretty soon it will be the computer!


Nate said...


You seemed to have had a blast on Pioneer Day! Although with you it never seems to matter what you are doing you seem to always be happy and enjoying life.

Nate Story

Lindsey said...

Jocelyn! I am selling the bags. Depending on the size determines the price. Get me your email address and I'll send you the price list. The great thing about the bags is that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Its so fun to get the play with them. I started by making one of the bigger ones and got the great idea to try different sized ones. How is life for you? You sound very busy?