"Eater Boy"

It's funny the nicknames that you give to your children. For the longest time we were trying to pick one out for Ethan (I come from a family full of nicknames and it made us feel special and close to our Dad who gave them to us) but nothing that we came up with stuck.

Except for "Eater Boy"

From the very beginning Ethan has been a great eater, he was a champion at nursing from the very beginning and has not been allergic to any solids we have fed him so far and let's face it, he's a Johnson, and from what Gramma-Marcia tells me, Ethan gets his huge appetite from his Daddy. (Hopefully Ethan gets his metabolism to go along with it) So Daniel started calling Ethan "Eater Boy" and it has stuck.
We'll see how long it lasts before we find another reason to nick name him. :)

You can see how excited he is to be in his brightly colored "food" chair. He has gotten to the point that he recognizes that when he goes into the chair he's going to be fed. He's so excited!!

"Com'on Mom!! I'm hungry!"

One day I cooked some baby carrots and ran them through a little hand processor we got from G-ma Marcia - it worked great. Here are the carrots mixed with some rice cereal. He got so excited he grabbed the bowl and wanted to do it himself. The earlier he learns how to hold a spoon the better I guess.

At this point he was still grabbing objects with his whole hand. So here he is trying to get the spoon and food in his mouth.

Eureka! He finally got a good grip and started chewing. All of our baby spoons have little teeth marks in them. :)

As you can see he dropped the spoon and moved on to his bib for easier access to the carrots. He scooped them right up into his mouth.

We got a little bit of footage so you could see how in-to-it he is and how focused he gets.
We love our little Eater Boy. :)

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