Daniel and Ethan's First Circus!!

It's been a while since I've put stuff up, but Samuel finally came!!! So we have been spending time with him, bike rides and swimming, card games and family nights. We are showing him around and he's loving it so far. There will be pictures of him to come. But let's catch up.

The day before the move into the new house we went to the circus. I used to go when I was a little girl and totally LOVED it!! I was shocked when Daniel told me that he had never been and super excited to be able to take him and Ethan for their first circus. The Ringling Bro/Barnum and Bailey were in town at the Alamo Dome and we went early enough to catch the pre show.

This is us standing in line waiting to get in. We tried to dress in appropriate 4th of July colors. The circus was a great way of celebrating the 4th because it was during the day. We knew fireworks would be too late for Ethan's 7pm bed time. So we got him this 4th of July romper and headed to the circus.

The sun was pretty hot but we slathered baby in sun block and he was set.

I think he was about to sneeze in this one.

We went to visit the animals first and that was one of my favorite parts.

There were four bengal tigers and two siberian tigers. They were gorgeous and only two feet away!! They would growl and snap at each other. I couldn't get over how beautiful they were.

The tigers are behind us in this picture.

Next were the elephants. They had them separated with electrical wire in one end of the dome. There were six of them I think, but they were huge and so gentle. This one was playing with a tree limb. I couldn't believe how flexible and agile their trunks were.

Here we are!

Here are some Arabian horses, they were so beautiful! There were signs up about how the circus takes extra precautions and puts extra effort into taking care of their animals.

This car is sooo tiny! The captain of the clowns came out to begin the show and he was driving this. It came through the big curtains and drove all around the three rings and we thought it was remote control! But this really tall clown popped out! He had to be atleast as tall as Daniel and when he was done he got back in it! and drove off stage.

Here we are still looking at the animals.

Then we went to the Pre-show and got to stand really close to some performers while they did some amazing tricks.

Daniel and Ethan were looking at the lady high up on the rope

A guy with some poodles doing some cute tricks

I think she has 50 hula hoops!

We got to our seats and waited for the show to begin

Ethan was having a wonderful time. He sat and watched or bounced up and down in our laps to the music.

The show was so exciting that I forgot to take pictures. Here are a few that I got.

Ethan cuddled with me a lot while watching. He was so good!

The only down side of the experience was the poo-bin right next to us. Every time the lid was opened we got engulfed in the smell. But the show was worth it.

Daniel got this picture of us looking at the high wire acts - my favorite!

Daniel and Ethan both loved the circus. Daniel couldn't believe some of the things they did. We were either laughing or oooooing on the edge of our seats. It was such a great time. We might have to start a tradition of going to the circus for the 4th of July.


Clayton and Camea said...

How fun! I love the circus too! What a great way to spend the 4th.

Thiago said...

OLá, ficou muito bom essas fotos no circo, circo é muito legal!


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Um abraço, meu amigo!

marciamuse said...

Glad you had such a good time at the circus! It was wonderful that you had time to see the animals at close distance before the show.