Time With Daddy!

Daniel starts his day pretty early and is able to come home before major traffic. We are blessed to have him home more often than most working dads and we love it. Daniel comes home in time to have a few hours play-time with Ethan before his night-time routine.
Here are some pictures of the two of them together:

Daniel enjoys biking to work in order to get some daily exercise in. Here is Ethan helping Daddy get his bike ready for the next day's commute to work. Daniel and Ethan are inseparable during those precious hours of play time in the evenings. Daniel carries him around under his arm wherever he goes and takes every opportunity to teach him about whatever he is doing. Even though Ethan is only 6 months old I think it's making a big difference in Ethan's development and communication skills.

Daniel's home-teaching companion wasn't available a few weeks ago so we put a white onsie on Ethan and a tie that was a bit too big, but he was dressed appropriately and went out with his daddy to go home teaching. The family they visited has a son around Ethan's age and they loved having him over to play.

This is the two of them playing in the new house.
I'm so blessed to have a wonderful father for a husband. He does such a great job with Ethan and is always there to lend me a hand when I need a break.

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