We Love Buzz

Ethan and his best friend M like to exchange toys sometimes,
one day M let Ethan borrow BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!
This was a huge deal for Ethan so we took pictures to commemerate

So excited about it!

Such tenderness for a plastic toy. :)

"Take a picture of his face Momma!"

I was in my room and the house was quiet.
I went to the living room to see what was going on.

Imaginative play, I love it

Flying with Buzz

We call these "piggies" and love to tickle them

Needless to say it was a bit dramatic when Buzz had to go back home to M's house.
But we were happy to have him and might be getting one for Christmas!

Sophie's Funny Faces

Sophie started crawling at 8 months old and is on the move most of the time.
One place she can't move away from the camera is in her high chair!
These are just some pictures to help us remember her expressions at this age.

Happy face: open mouth, kicking legs, flapping arms

She wants to get picked up

Mischevious face, she has something she doesn't usually get to have
Her legs are so chunky! :) They are so squishy!
And I want to remember how small she is in her high chair

She uses the back of her hand to push food into her mouth

Now she's just showing off her teeth, four with two more breaking through

Getting annoyed with the camera.

Made Some Bread

I got a great recipe from my frien'ds blog:
So I thought I'd try it out

Just put them in the pans

It's kind of a process, after mixing and slamming it like my friend says to I was a bit tired

But the end result was worth it. Definitely keep it in the oven for the time it says, I took these two out a bit early and they were still a little doughy in the middle. D likes it like that so I just kept them out for him. It was delicious though, I recommend it to anyone.

Life According to Ethan

Every now and then Ethan will use the camera and go on a little picture spree.
He goes around taking pictures of things that interest him.
Most are out of focus or there's a whole row of shots of the same thing, but there are a few that show his perspective and I like keeping them to remind myself what it's like through his eyes.

Daddy putting Sophie in her car seat for church on sunday

Capturing Daddy too!

Baby Sister is probably wondering what he's doing

He likes to take pictures of Sophie

He really likes tunnels and bridges, here is an overpass on the way to church

Here's another day, walking around the house

Daddy's close-up

Sophie's close-up

Ethan really loves watermelon

Here's the garage with all his toys

His lego tower

He loves his sister

Kipper is a favorite

And a morning picture of Momma! :)

It's fun to see what's important to him, and I'm glad I made the list!
Sometimes I wish I could give a camera to a Samuel
and send him out into the world to see how he see's things. :)

May The Force Be With You

Papa Ed and Grandma Marcia went to Disneyland last year and got Ethan some Star Wars costumes. We thought we'd bust em out before Ethan got too big to fit them

Ethan loves Darth Vader now

Samuel tried on the Obi-wan costume, it even has a little side rat tail braid to clip to his hair

It even comes with light sabers and a little box in the vader mask that makes the breathing sounds.

Aside from the messy desk, this is D working on school stuff and wearing a child's robe while having a light saber fight with Vader.
He is the KING of multi-tasking.

He got soo into it

I went to check on him during his nap and along with him in his pink blanket
(yes his blankie is pink!) 
this is what I found

At first I thought he was just pretending...

...but no, he's totally asleep and sleeping with a mask on.

Thanks Grandma and Papa!

Samuel's Show

 Samuel had his end of the year concert, it was very good.

Sophie loved the music

She was captivated each time the music started

There he is in the front row!

Going back to the band hall

With his friend Z, they look so great in their tuxs

Go Samuel!

Park Friends

For the past 6 months Ethan and M have been best friends. When they first met they weren't sure about each other, I think there was some pushing involved, but M's mom and I started doing playdates twice a week and Ethan gained a best friend!

Unfortunately M and his family moved last week and it's been a hard week without them.
We love you guys!

They are so happy to get together at the park!

M's pretty mommy and baby brother

Sophie - binkie face

Eating lunch

The rest of the time they ran and chased and were too fast to take pictures of. ;)

Sleeping Baby

This might seem rediculous to some, but I love to watch my babies sleep.
They are so peaceful and cute!

Sophie using the same crib Ethan used and Daniel too!
Thanks Papa Ed and Grandma Marcia!

She's so cuddly

Look at those cheeks! Love it!

She's a tummy sleeper, just like her Momma!

Oh, she woke up!

Here she comes!

Hey Mom!

 I love you baby