We Love Buzz

Ethan and his best friend M like to exchange toys sometimes,
one day M let Ethan borrow BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!
This was a huge deal for Ethan so we took pictures to commemerate

So excited about it!

Such tenderness for a plastic toy. :)

"Take a picture of his face Momma!"

I was in my room and the house was quiet.
I went to the living room to see what was going on.

Imaginative play, I love it

Flying with Buzz

We call these "piggies" and love to tickle them

Needless to say it was a bit dramatic when Buzz had to go back home to M's house.
But we were happy to have him and might be getting one for Christmas!


Unknown said...

When Papa Ed and Grandma Marcia went to Disney World, we took a survey to determine which Disney character you were most like. Papa was most like Buzz Lightyear. I almost picked up the action figure but thought it was too expensive. Seeing how much fun Ethan is having with it is making me regret not picking it up!

Em said...

Brennan loves buzz too. He would be in heaven with that!