Company Picnic

We have a company picnic every year and this year it was near the zoo! Even though it was earlier this year it was still super hot.

Ethan really likes bridges

D and Sophie at 7 months

We decorated bags for the pinata

We had lots of food, then waited for the pinata

Funny faces!

 This is her smile, just a big open mouth, then she kicks her legs really fast and flaps her arms.

We drank a lot of water that day!

Samuel washing all that brisket down!

I'm still trying to decide who she looks like more, D or I?

I love this man!

Ethan is second in line and very excited!

Here he goes! Down here in south Texas we have a lot of pinatas, so this is Ethan's 10 or 12th pinata that he's hit and he's only 3. He's going to be a pro!

All tuckered out, opening up a sucker.

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