May The Force Be With You

Papa Ed and Grandma Marcia went to Disneyland last year and got Ethan some Star Wars costumes. We thought we'd bust em out before Ethan got too big to fit them

Ethan loves Darth Vader now

Samuel tried on the Obi-wan costume, it even has a little side rat tail braid to clip to his hair

It even comes with light sabers and a little box in the vader mask that makes the breathing sounds.

Aside from the messy desk, this is D working on school stuff and wearing a child's robe while having a light saber fight with Vader.
He is the KING of multi-tasking.

He got soo into it

I went to check on him during his nap and along with him in his pink blanket
(yes his blankie is pink!) 
this is what I found

At first I thought he was just pretending...

...but no, he's totally asleep and sleeping with a mask on.

Thanks Grandma and Papa!


Unknown said...

Hope sometimes Ethan likes to be the "good guy" Luke Skywalker too! I guess Ethan got his wish and Christmas came early...

Em said...

That is too funny!!!