Life According to Ethan

Every now and then Ethan will use the camera and go on a little picture spree.
He goes around taking pictures of things that interest him.
Most are out of focus or there's a whole row of shots of the same thing, but there are a few that show his perspective and I like keeping them to remind myself what it's like through his eyes.

Daddy putting Sophie in her car seat for church on sunday

Capturing Daddy too!

Baby Sister is probably wondering what he's doing

He likes to take pictures of Sophie

He really likes tunnels and bridges, here is an overpass on the way to church

Here's another day, walking around the house

Daddy's close-up

Sophie's close-up

Ethan really loves watermelon

Here's the garage with all his toys

His lego tower

He loves his sister

Kipper is a favorite

And a morning picture of Momma! :)

It's fun to see what's important to him, and I'm glad I made the list!
Sometimes I wish I could give a camera to a Samuel
and send him out into the world to see how he see's things. :)

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Unknown said...

Get some sleep, son. Your eyes are betraying how tired you are!