Father's Day 2011

This post is a bit late, but there's a funny story behind it. I got up that morning thinking of all the things I wanted to do for Daniel. He's such a wonderful dad! Ethan was sick so we stayed home from church and I used the time to make Daniel's favorite dinner and a very special dessert. 

There were decorations, the table was set and my desert was cooling. They got home, we gave gifts and started eating. Out of curiosity I asked who spoke at church. They said one of the youth spoke on gratitude. "Gratitude for fathers?" I asked.
 "No, just gratitude," they said.
"They didn't talk about fathers on Father's Day?"
"Guess not," they said smiling. 
Apparently I was a WEEK EARLY for Father's Day. And the stinkers didn't call or tell me till after they had gotten the yummy dinner. Ah well. :)

We got Daniel a new watch for Father's Day

Ethan colored him a picture

I made him special chocolate lava cakes.

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