My Ethan

Ethan has been growing up so fast. He's 3 1/2 but is wearing size 6/7 clothes. 
We got him a new big boy bed with a slide on it. 
He loves Super Hero Squad and pretends to be a different character every day
He knows his ABC's and numbers 1-10
He plays PBSkids.org and Nickjr
He's fully potty trained now
He can dress himself except for shirts frustrate him sometimes
so he'd rather just be naked
He tries to sneak things but when you ask him what he's doing he'll tell you
He loves to play in the mud and ride his tricycle
He used to have nightmares but I put pictures of Christ and church stories up on his wall by his bed and now he uses the flashlight at night to look at the pictures and feel better.

He doesn't take naps anymore but every now and then he comes and sits on my lap and wants to cuddle
I cherish every time he wants to hug and be close
And he still uses his pink blankie. :)

Love you my son

I didn't want to let him go

But eventually my arm fell asleep and I put him in bed. 

Here's his Halloween costume, complete with built-in muscles
He's been sleeping in it every night since we got it. 

I think it's going to be a big hit

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