Seeing Mom, and Heidi's Wedding

My best friend, Heidi, got married this summer so I flew up to Utah to stay with my mom for a bit and bring her to the wedding with me. 

Here's my mom's place, such a cute apartment. 
At the time she was still a missionary in SLC but has since been released and is now serving a Service Mission in the same area.

I went to lunch with my mom and some of her friends from her mission.
They were hilarious ladies. :)

My mom is so cute! 
Everything about her is so wonderful to me. 

She's so genuine and wholesome.
We had a lot of fun together, I miss her a lot. 

Waiting for "the tracks"

She lives a block away from this

We went walking at sunset, it was beautiful

We had a lot to get ready for Heidi's bridal shower

The gorgeous bride

The Shower was at Heidi's grandma's house, in the back yard.

Getting some "fun" gifts :)

The next morning we did hair and nails

At the wedding we saw old friends. 
This is Casey, an old roommate, and her husband Peter.

Waiting for Heidi to come out of the temple after the sealing

Casey, Tiffany (and baby), and me. Apt 206!

Heidi and Ian arriving at the Luncheon

The first to eat, they were so hungry. 

My mom and I had lots of long talks, 
between running around getting things ready for the shower and wedding. 
In high school I wasn't the most understanding daughter. 
I'm happy to say I was never one of those girls that talked bad about their mother. I never screamed at her, called her names, or was disrespectful to her.
I was the debator. I challenged her alot and was relentless in testing her boundaries. She stuck to her guns and when I left home I started to understand how amazing and great she was. 
She's such a strong lady. 
Twenty years living in the Alaskan wilderness, the only white lady for hundreds of miles and a virtual single parent taking care of 4 kids. 
I'm proud to say the my daughter is her namesake, Sophia Joyce

Mom took me to the spoken word before going to church, where Elder Oaks happened to be presiding. He shook my hand after sacrament meeting, it was awesome. 

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