Day at the Beach

One Saturday I felt the urge to go to the beach.
We hadn't been in over a year and I wanted to go before school started.
We all piled in the car and drove three hours to Mustang Island.

It was Sophie's first time.
Here she is eating some sand. :)

Samuel was without his electronics so was a little bored, 
but boredom is the building blocks of ingenuity and creativity. 
That's how it was when I was a kid.
 Needless to say he had to use his imagination and self-entertain. 
Such a good break from the electronic age we live in! 

Ethan and I playing in the waves

Lots of sand castles!
Ethan probably swallowed gallons of salt water

The waves were crashing

Ethan liked getting knocked down by them, 
but about gave me a heart attack every time he went down. 

But we survived, with sand covering everything and sunburns we would feel for weeks! 
Totally worth it.

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