Almost Crawling

This video was taken at the end of July when Ethan was still 6 months old. You can see how hard he is trying to crawl but he just doesn't have it down yet. His little mind was still wrapping itself around the idea that he could move on his own. He wobbles but learns quickly. We have gone from anxiously awaiting his first crawl to now his first steps.


Lydia said...

Jocelyn, its been a while since I talked to you how are things? I can't believe how big Ethan is getting. How is Samuel liking school? I'll talk to you soon.
Love you tons,

Frank said...

Hi My Sweetheart, Daniel and Ethan---Interesting stuff in these programs...in the internet. Amazing. Good to see the pictures of you two, baby Ethan and Samuel. Ethan is no longer a baby. Samuel is so grown up. I really enjoy viewing the pictures and readiing about the family.
Jean and I are doing good. Talkinig about traveling South through part of CA, on to Mesa AZ, then to SATX, on the Houston TX, up to CDA and back to BIWA...don't know if we'll be making it this winter. We'll let you all know. Love, Dad