Family Home Evening

This is a Family Home Evening we had at the beginning of September to prepare for General Conference. We printed off pictures of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve and played a matching game. We kept the pictures up on the sliding glass door for a whole month to help us remember.

Samuel helped me put them up.

My hubby was in charge of treats. I don't talk about Daniel very much, but just seeing this picture makes me want to say how much I love this man. He is such a pro-active, loving, hard worker. I am so impressed with him and the way he constantly shows love and selflessness in such a strong and confident way. I have changed since knowing him. I now think of myself as more than just me, he is now an inseparables part of who I consider myself to me.

And here are his amazing treats, or should I say treat, they kind of all melded into one big oatmeal-chocolate-coconut cookie. :) They were delicious.

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