Amazing Experience

Sergio and Isabel Martinez are so awesome! They were married 7 years ago around the time that Sergio became active again in the church. Isabel was interested but decided to take it slow because it was such a big decision. She finally got baptized last year after years of investigating. They have three kids, Juaquin who is 4, Jimena is 2 I think, and Janoah is 1.

I went to Janoah's birthday party a few months ago and she told me that she had scheduled an interview with the Stake President in order to get a temple recommend. I was so excited for her! Then she asked me to be her escort and I cried. I was so honored that she would ask me. We prepared and were able to feel the peace and comfort only found in the house of the Lord. She had a wonderful experience. Friends from the ward came to show their support and here are some pictures of afterward outside of the temple.

The next day she was sealed to her husband and children for time and all eternity. The kids were so gorgeous in their white clothes and they did such a great job! When you go to the temple and do proxy sealings it's amazing to know that you are binding families together, but to see the joy on their faces was so cool. I feel so honored to have been there to witness it. I love the temple!

Here's Jimena and Janoah climbing the stairs of the temple.

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