More of Ethan

He's just starting to walk with his walker. He mostly cruises on the furniture, but this is one of the first time he tried walking on his own. He's still pretty stiff, but he loves his walker.


Mission accomplished!

Mmmmmm. The chair tastes good Mom.

I don't have a gate yet so I had to use a large box to keep him out of the kitchen while I mopped. He didn't like it very much. He's used to having free reign.

Just hangin' out.

I think I'll frame this one and put it up.

Bye Bye!


emily said...

soooooo cute, how old he is now?

emily said...

okay, so i was looking at your pics again and i can i just say how much i ADORE the first pic with ethan and the walker!!!! i love how he is all intense with his stance, so cute, i can't stand it!