Sunday Dinner!

We get the weirdest cravings on Sunday nights after church. Homework is done, we want to keep the sabbath day holy and we want to make the most of the time we have before the work week - so we cook!

One Sunday we got the urge for PIZZA!! Daniel had just ground some more wheat so we did some half wheat, half white crust. It was sooo good!

Samuel and I got crackin' on our crusts after the dough was done rising. I love Texas most of the year for raising bread, it's hot, it's humid and you just cover it with plastic wrap and stick it outside.

I was the first to get my crust ready so I started doing the sauce and fixins.


Samuel's crust took the longest because it was a stuffed crust pizza. Here he is tucking in the cheese. He's so creative!

Daniel went for a round one. He ended up putting salsa in with the pizza sauce and it was really tasty. Good work hun!

Here's my pizza, one side with hamberger and one with polish sausage. Good stuff!

Here is Samuel's stuffed crust hamburger and onion pizza. We had pizza to last us a week!

Mmmmm. Looks good!


The Lathrop's said...

that looks like some good pizza!

Anonymous said...

YUMMY! I have been getting fancy in the kitchen too. In the last week, I've made cinnamon rolls (not the fast easy bake kind either) a pie, monkey bread, and now i'm getting some bananas brown so I can make banana bread. Everyone's been loving me cuz i'm having all these cravings.

emily said...

yum, can you ship me the piece in that last picture? did i see stuffed crust! i was just telling sean last night that now that i have conquered my homemade whole wheat bread dream i can move onto whole wheat homemade pizza. can't wait to try it next weekend!

emily said...

p.s. i want to feature you on my "meet & greet monday" section next week!!! may i have your email address so i can send you some questions to fill out? you inspire me!

Kyle and Sam said...

Joce! Yummy pizza! Your little guys are soo adorable. What a cute little family. I'm glad to see you're doing so well. Ethan is getting soo big and adorable! Have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving

Ty said...

Looks like fun!