Family Trip: Denton and Fort Worth

We took a drive up to Denton, about 5 hours  north of us to see where Daniel went to high school at UT in a dual credit program there. We got to see his host family, the Turners, and they were soo much fun!

Ethan  in the car waiting to go to the Turners

Sis. Turner holding Sophie

Ethan LOVED! the Turner's back yard!

They invited us over for a family party
We felt at home
Ethan got a wheel barrow ride
Bro. Turner's poor back. :)

The whole family!!!

Reading stories before bed time in the hotel room

On our way home we went through
Fort Worth!

Had some yummy brisket at Riskey's
That's a balloon horse on Ethan's head
They had a resident clown making them for the diners

Ethan rode a few of these
They were all over the place

The Long Horns waiting to jaunt through town

They are huge!
Each of them has a name

Ethan got tired of his hat

Every afternoon these dozen long horns are driven down the street for everyone to see
It's done to re-live the great cattle drives of the American West

They were huge!

Horse                                           Long Horn
The cow is bigger!!

Ethan got to talk to one of the cowboys and meet his horse.
We recommend it to anyone! Forth worth was a lot of fun!

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