Alaska Part 1

The day after we got home from Nathan's wedding,
Ethan, Sophie and I left for Kodiak.
Daniel and Samuel stayed home to work and join us later.

It was Sophie's first time flying and she did a great job.

We stayed the night in Seattle.

My dad and jean were able to come visit us for the night

We had breakfast at the hotel
then we got on our flight to Anchorage and later, Kodiak.

Sophie slept some more

Ethan played nicely

We played in the Anchorage Airport

Great to be home

On our way to Uncle Frankie's house!

We got to stay in Dewey's room with a bunk bed and a TV!
It helped a lot to have our own room 
because of the time difference. 

We got up every morning by 5am and Frankie made us breakfast!

On the first day, 
Frankie took us out to the Ram's Site for low tide 

Ethan and Aiden hit it off right away
they started tide pooling

They had small fish nets and collected a lot of cool creatures

Showing me his treasures

Frankie and I went waaay out on the tide pools to search for urchins
As I got farther out Sophie started screaming for me.
She got a little scared being on the beach alone
So I went back and sat with her 

Smiley Eyes!

Frankie is way out there, right in the middle of the pic
What a great view huh!

Cookin up the Urchins

Native food!

The next morning Frankie made us breakfast

Sophie loves her Uncle!

Every day we woke up early,
ate breakfast as quietly as we could,
then we got dressed and packed supplies for the day.
Then we would just drive and play!

We went to parks and brought Aiden with as much as we could

This was a park I used to play at when I was little

The weather was gorgeous!

One day we went up Pillar Mountain

So pretty up there!

Up so high!

We had fun on the mountain

Another day we went out to Pillar Creek

It was a gorgeous Day!
Thanks to Frankie's 4-wheel drive,
we made it down to the beach

We had it all to ourselves!

We bought kitchen utensils from the thrift store 
as shovels and buckets

Having fun in the sand

sand everywhere!

She loved it though

These two had so much fun!


giggles :)

Walking up the beach

The tide was out pretty far

 Just playing and having fun
This was taken right before they started swimming,
they stripped down and played freely
it was awesome

I was concerned about bears a bit,
I kept my eye out,
but we were lucky to have "Little Girl" with us

I loved feeling my toes in the sand again :) 

Lovin the Beach!

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Kylie said...

So I'm sure you don't often travel to Alaska, but next time you do - your old roommate (AKA: ME) lives in Seattle and has a couch with your name on it! :)