Magnolia, TX in May

Papa Ken has a granddaughter who lives in Magnolia, TX
which is north of Houston.
So we drove up there for the weekend.
I wasn't sure what we would find, because San antonio
is pretty flat, till just north of town, when you get into the hill country.
We have scraggly short trees and it's green but not really vibrant.

The area north of Houston is GORGEOUS! 
So green and beautiful tall trees.
It was such a pretty drive.

We finally got to our hotel rooms

Daniel relaxin'

It was a good sized room,
with Mom and Ken right next door

"I'm going to see Grammie"

At this point all she can think about is going swimming

Relaxing after the drive

Mom in her room

Goin' Swimming!!

New toys

I never get pictures of myself so I grabbed a quick selfie

Ken's granddaughter came and we all had dinner together,
Daniel and I spent a lot of time in the pool with the kids.
Then on Sunday, we met up with family again
at a local little park.
They had playground stuff and a fun water park!


The water park is on a timer.
Ethan kept pushing the button whenever the water stopped

Sophie saw Ethan playing and came over

Running in and out of the water

Ethan found some friends to play with

It was such a nice day

My Momma

All wet

Ethan too

It was a hot May day in Texas so the water was so nice

The quote of the day:
"I'm so grateful for my beautiful body" - sophie

On our way home we met up with our good friends,
The Ereti's!

Abby has grown up so much!

Sarah made us a wonderful Ethiopian meal
It brought back memories of get-togethers in San Antonio!

Ethan was playing in the back yard a lot
He got a little overheated

We loved the family style and eating with our hands!


We love these guys

Love you Sarah!

We loved all the down time we got with Grammie.
She played with the kids and helped out around
the house and I loved it. 
Thanks mom!

Ethan loved it too!

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