Bluebell, Campout and Babysitting

May 2013

We have never been to the BlueBell Ice Cream factory
so we decided to give it a try

The van was loaded!

The building is so pretty

Everybody jumping out

Ice cream!

Taking our time through the beautiful gardens

Free hats

getting ready for the tour

We couldn't take pictures during the tour
but when grabbed one at the end 

Next we got to eat some ice cream! 

Everyone got a different flavor

So excited for ice cream

Tasting and sharing 

Getting more flavors

"let me try some of that"

"try this one"



They even have sinks for clean up

I was so grateful

and drinking fountains
Playing with their souveneirs

A few days later Daniel took Samuel, Ethan and a boy from our ward on the Father-Son campout

Sophie reeeeeeeally wanted to go

While they were gone we babysat 

we got our baby fix

Sophie had so much fun with her

And she wasn't crying!!

Sophie loves babies


I love Alyssa's face!

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