Road Trip and Baby Olivia!!

May 2013, was a busy month for us!

It started off with a call from my mom in Salt Lake.
She said they found a vintage camper in great condition, 
so being the spontaneous person I am, 
and having a patient and wonderful husband who watched the kids for me, 
I flew up to Utah the next day and we all went to look at it.

My mom picked me up from the airport, then
we took a look at it and the price was great!
We bought it and loved it's vintage charm

We went to the DMV to get it registered

The next day we drove it down to San Antonio.
Ken knew the trip almost turn by turn,
and it was great to hear all his stories. 

We turned around a few days after getting home
to go to Abilene to see my sister.

We got to Abilene and parked the camper out front
Ethan and Sophie loved the ride,
they got to nap and color at the table,
and no potty stops! :)

Making our way to the hospital

Good to stretch our legs after 6 hours

So excited to meet our new cousin!!

Beautiful Labor and Delivery hospital wing

The check-in window
We saw this door a lot coming in and out

Happy momma!

Saying hello

Nothing beats having Mom there

Kids were a little tired,
but they were excited to see Lizzie and Jacoby

Just hanging out
Lizzie was such a trooper :)
She was just chillin and waiting.
I'm sure she was in pain

Excited to be there

Joking around!
My seester's so tough :)

Papa Ken in the waiting room

Waiting for baby to come

Grandma and Grandpa Bennett arrive!!


First grand baby on the Bennett side
SUPER excited G-ma and G-pa!

Warm hugs! :)

I took pictures of everything to document the day 

Baby's heartbeat

Monitoring baby

Chatting, it's starting to get a little harder

Dad did such a good job,
you could hardly tell he was nervous

Everybody hanging out

Lizzie had been laboring for a while
and we all decided to take a break
and show them the camper

Showing Coby around

if she could, she would be barefoot all the time
just like her daddy :)

the camper interior is original vintage

Going back in to check on baby

Things progressed while we were gone
the nurses set up the delivery table

She's in more pain

getting a back rub

Lizzie was so quiet and zen

Mom and me partying across the room on the couch :)

Back and forth between the delivery room 
and the waiting room

These two had fun together

Papa Ken, in all his wisdom,
took a nap

I came back in and asked Lizzie if it was ok
to just take a bunch of pictures

She was trying to keep her focus

Jacoby's such a good hubby

zoning out

watchin TV

getting a bit tired

Dr. and nurse visit

big smiles


Sweetest lady

4 generations in that room!

Aunties and cousins

thank goodness for dvd players

and my phone

doing her breathing.
dad is very focused

Trying different positions

Dad is focused on the monitor 

So pretty

They were always connected

beautiful artwork helps keep everyone focused

resting between contractions

so supportive

I don't know how she was so friendly at this point
I would have been so grumpy

purty nails

I just took pictures of everything I could think of



getting through a contraction

still connected

The pain starts to come

Momma Bennett

Dad is so focused

back rubs...

At this point Lizzie had been dilated almost fully, and had been laboring for hours without much progress so I took Mom and ken and the kids to the camper to eat and rest for a bit.

20 minutes later we start back inside and I see some missed calls on my cell phone. I listen to the messages and about 10 minutes after had left the delivery room, Baby Olivia was born!! Yay!

Unfortunately when we went back up to see her, the NICU had taken her and we weren't allowed to see her. It was late so we decided to call it an evening. We drove the RV to a hotel parking lot for the night. it was May and pretty hot already and with no AC in the camper I decided to take the kids into the hotel to get a room.

the kids fell asleep right away and I covered them up with 
extra blankets so I could crank up the AC

They were super cozy and slept hard throughout the night

Morning time!

They are so cute in the morning

She didn't want to get out of bed

Neither did Ethan with his awesome bed hair

Going to get breakfast in jammies!

All dressed and ready to go see baby Olivia!

We still couldn't hold her 
but we got to see her through the window

Spending time with momma

Looking through the window

New cousins!

Mommy time

getting her wires adjusted

so peaceful

Happy Momma!


she looks like a Bennett!


We go back to the room to say goodbye

Big hugs

mother daughter

We had a great trip back to San Antonio

Sophie sat between mom and me for a lot of the trip
just chatting

It was a great trip for me to be traveling with family,
to be there for my sister having her daughter,
then to be able to drive back with my mother and my daughter,
such a great matriarchal weekend.

Grammie and her namesake

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