June 2013: Baby Olivia!

June came and that meant Mom left back for Utah.
We loved having her with us for so long :)

We played some more 

We always like going to the zoo

Samuel got a job at Mama Margies!!
He walked in and started working the next day

Sophie playing dress-up

This girl! She LOVES to dress up!

She got her hair cut too

The dinosaur exhibit came back to the Witti Museum!
It's one of our favorites

Since we didn't get to see Olivia in the hospital,
We drove up to Abilene to see her 

We all took turns holding her :)

Ethan was so excited!

She slept a lot

The kids got a good rest on the drive home :)

Sophie is 2 years, 9 months old in this photo

Ethan is 5 years and 5 months

Aaaand I'm 30!

Daniel's company had a party at a place where you 
play games for tickets to get prizes
Sophie picked out a Princess jewelry set

Ethan got a sword and goblin fingers:)

We met up with our friend Michael and went to the zoo

Checking out the Snakes!

It was a very fun, very hot, beginning of June, 2013 :)

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