Fun Times

Here are some random pictures of  recent shenanigans

Samuel and the rest of the youth in the stake went on a pioneer trek
over springs break this spring 

They couldn't bring any electronics
and they had to dress in period clothes
This was a cute moment. 
Samuel gets annoyed by Ethan sometimes, like any teenager would
but this was a tender moment when he was teaching him how to play the ukulele

Sophie likes to help me bake 

We were in a different part of town and found a new park


She loves to climb

She went pretty high 

And learned how to come down all on her own

We went and got Samuel's driver's permit up in Boerne

I had him jump right in and drive home, on the freeway.
He did great 

Samuel likes to bake!

The kids told me they were bored one afternoon 

So we played a cleaning game. :)

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