Elizabeth Bennett

This has been such a fun summer!
It's been so crazy and busy, but lots of fun memories...

The story of our summer begins when my beautiful sister got married
and we brought the whole family to Abilene for it.
Her name is Elizabeth Bennett now. Love it!

The night before we left, Sophie got really sick for the first time. 
Total puke-fest. She had never puked before and to top it off,
 she was awake till the early hours of the morning.
More scared of puking than scared of being sick. 
She finally fell asleep shortly before sunrise.

We took out the van's middle seat to make more room in the back. 
Daniel is great at sitting with and entertaining the kids. 
I miss him when he's so far back there, 
but being able to focus on driving without any crying or screaming is pretty nice.

The driver! Focused! 
I love the drive up to Lizzie's place though, so pretty in the hill country.

my co-pilot! :)

Daddy's pictures in the back.

Samuel's still sleepin'

We made it to Lizzie's! It's so fun to get out of the city!
I don't know how Liz handled everything.
It was a super busy weekend but she was so relaxed! 

She even had time to make a flower-girl dress for Sophie!

Sophie loved it! Like playing dress up. 

Lizzie trimmed it a bit... 

And we added some accessories! 

Gloves even!

Sophie was out like a light after her sleepless night the night before.
I don't know if you can see in this picture but Ethan's face is pretty white. 
He went to bed lethargically instead of his usual boisterous-self.
We thought he was just tired but when we heard heaving sounds coming
from down the hall we knew it couldn't be good.
He ended up getting the same 24-hour stomach bug that Sophie had the night before.
I have never seen so much puke! (sorry TMI!) 
But it was a big deal, the weekend of my sister's wedding!
We made lizzie stay away so she wouldn't get sick, and Jacoby was awesome! 
He just started cleaning up my kids puke without skipping a beat, 
like it was any other day instead of in the middle of the night, the weekend of his wedding. 
Luckily Ethan was able to fall asleep right away 
and wasn't sick any more after that. 

The next day we got to work right away on decorating! 

The bride! 

"We're gettin married!!!!"

Love these two!

The whole weekend was so fun! Here's Jackie, mother of the groom!
I really enjoyed getting things ready for the wedding!
We all came together to help out 
and it was the best way to get to know Jacoby's family! 

I remember when Samuel was a baby,
Lizzie and I were like his big sisters and now he's so big. :)
He was awesome at those balloons!

Things are coming along!  

Wedding cake!
Jacoby's Aunt and me workin on it. 

As soon as we were done decorating we went to the wedding rehearsal 

The church! 

Sophie was a little bashful at first, but with Samuel by her side she was a champ.

Lizzie couldn't make it don the aisle with out crying. :) 
So beautiful sis. 
Walking with Jacoby's dad Scott.

Jacoby, with groom's men. :)

On our way to the rehearsal dinner!

Man, we've all grown up so much!

Dinner at Outback Steakhouse
I heard that Scott was camera-shy, so I had to get one when he wasn't looking. :)

Family photo!
You can tell the kids are so tired! :)

Bennett Boys!!

Conked out back at the house,
the night before the big day!

I couldn't resist!! LOL!
The morning of the wedding. Oh yeah.

Jacoby spent the night at his parents' place, 
so I made breakfast while Lizzie showered.

We did a few more things at the reception hall, grabbed some lunch,
then went to get her hair done.

Got the place all to ourselves. :)

Gorgeous hair!

Happy bride!

The bigger the better!

Look at the height! 

"Hey Thith!" 

We rushed to the church to finish getting ready, all us girls were in the nursery.
Sophie loved the toys.

The bride getting her makeup on. She brought that mirror herself. :)
She was so cool and collected. I was so impressed!

Getting laced up!

So pretty.

MawMaw, Jacoby's grandmother, came in to wish Lizzie luck, 
but then she took a dainty gold ring 
from her cute little hand and gave it to Lizzie. 
It's was an old family heirloom that has been in Jacoby's family for generations.
Many Bennett women have worn it while getting married.

She surprised Lizzie with it. Such a special moment.

I love it that my baby sister has joined such a great family!

Ok, stuff is getting real, it's all about to start

Last minute pictures before the ceremony. 

I didn't get any pictures of the ceremony because I was the Matron of Honor,
but I was able to get these on our way out of the church. 

Sophie holding my bouquet.
She did great! Didn't miss a step walking down the aisle 
while throwing petals. I was up front watching her and I was so proud.
It'll be her turn one day and I know I'm gonna bust these pictures out. :)

While the happy couple were getting pictures taken I snapped a few myself.
Here's Coby, such a handsome kid!

And Scott, all dressed up! 

And the happy couple!!!
After I took this photo I told her that I could barely see her belly
So she fixed that...

There's baby Olivia in the picture too!
It was such a happy day! 

This photo I caught by chance but it's one of my favorites.
Lizzie was showing MawMaw's ring to Jacoby.

We tried to get a family photos while the bride and groom were finishing up.

Typical family photo! Hilarious!

That's about the best we could do. :) 
We had such a great time! 

Time to party at the reception!!

Getting her grub on.

Samuel came to say hi. What a stud. :)
After we ate and had cake and a toast they opened the floor for dancing.
My kids' favorite part! They danced and danced till they almost passed out. 
We headed home to put them to bed. 

The next morning we fed the chickens and collected some eggs.

Sophie loves/hates Jacoby's hens. They are so interesting, they make noise,
they are colorful and move on their own, 
but at the same time she can't get too close to them. 

Samuel was checking out Coby's little 4-wheeler

Guys fixin stuff. :)

Chatting with Coby.

A bit too big for it, but he had a lot of fun.
We all did! It was an awesome weekend!
Thanks for having us!
Love you guys!

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