Fiesta Parade!

We have lived in San Antonio over 6 years and have never 
been to the fiesta parade. 

 "Fiesta" is a week-long party downtown. 
Usually we don't bother going down at night cuz 
there's alot of alcohol around.

But this year our good friends invited us to go with them during the day for the parade.
We took the bus downtown together to save on traffic.

Playing at the bus terminal

Waiting to get on the bus

Riding the bus.
Man I miss Sophie's long hair.

Our good friends, their son is Ethan's age.

Cotton candy!

We walked to the parade area and got awesome seats

My mini :) 

Getting ready for the parade to start


And it begins! 

We loved the horses the best



she had a great time

Tired bus ride home

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