Grandma's House, Twice in Two Months

We were lucky enough to have a week off for Thanksgiving 
so we went to grandma's house again in November.

Little baby in a big bed
Half way to Grandma's house

Papa Ed took us to the Science Museum again, we had a blast!

Sophie and Daddy walking in.
She's such a confident walker, she struts a lot.

Sophie looking at the lego village

Racing down the huge ramp

Big telescope in the foyer

Sophie's favorite view

There was a wheelchair racing game, Ethan was pretty fast.

Samuel testing his flexibility

The little ones get a whole queen mattress all to themselves when they are at grandma's.
They love it. No matter how much Ethan pushes her away,
Sophie always ends up cuddling with him.

Thanksgiving dinner on grandma's beautiful china dishes

Lots of pie too! 

Resting after our big meal.
We love uncle Nathan!! 

Hubby taking a much-deserved nap.

Sophie napping too

Board games are a huge tradition in the Johnson home and we love it.
This was the first year that we started integrating Ethan into strategic play.
He didn't really understand but he's a Johnson and he loved it. 
His grandpa and uncles were also VERY patient with him
 and very good sports about explaining everything.

Daniel and I double-dated with Nathan and his new girlfriend Krystal.
She's awesome! We got some sushi and saw a movie. 

I hope we continue this Thanksgiving tradition of going on a hike the day after the big meal.
Papa Ed, Uncle Nathan and Samuel decided to do the harder hike up Tom's Thumb,
while Daniel, the kids, Marcia, Nathan, Andrew and I took the easier trail.
Maybe next year we'll all go up to the thumb!

Grandma taking a break with us.

Uncle Nathan!!

Uncle Andrew had a great time going up and down the hills!

On the trail

Great rock formations!

We finished sooner than the boys and this is what I saw coming down the trail

What a stud. :)

Uncle Paul and Papa Ed close behind


'Now show me how you really feel'

Dominoes with Uncle Paul

Uncle Paul also taught Ethan 
Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Before we left we got to visit Grandma Marjie and she taught Ethan how to play checkers. 

On our way home to Texas, Papa Ed took us to Tombstone!

We saw a lot of fun stuff 

We got to meet some great characters  

We watched a diorama show about Tombstone

Getting ready to watch the "Shoot Out at the O.K. Corral"

We were on the first row

Sophie trying to figure out what's going on 

The drama escalates 

The final shootout

We finally found a horse to ride

Can't go to Tombstone without riding a horse

We saw a real blacksmith too

Sophie got to start driving a carriage too. 

Thanks so much Papa Ed, it was such a fun trip!!

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