Fun Times

We got home from our trip and rested a lot. 

We went on a date night

Ethan also tried some violin lessons.
He lasted maybe 3 lessons but was too wiggly to tough it out.

Hide and Seek

Sophi could swing all day long 

at HEB with all the kids

At costco with the kids the same day!
 Every time we go, Ethan wants to be "buried" in the cart

Movies with the kids.

Samuel's thick italian hair makes a good handle :)

Going to Samuel's band concert

At a new park

We walked there and found new toys

She pulled out a bunch of books

Going to the store after preschool

Cold day at the park

A rare day in south Texas when we have to bundle up a bit

Oven mits make great toys

She's got her boots on!

Fun times in San Antonio!

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